Nomad Flights sends digital nomads emails with cheap flight offers. My aim is to help digital nomads with cheap one-way flights, visa run returns to neighboring countries and flights for specific events like nomad conferences and escaping Chiang Mai during burning season. It is free to sign up for email alerts so start saving money today.
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Addtional information

This won Product of the Day when it launched. Unfortunately I have stopped nomading and so I don't have a need for this product. Since I only work on products I would use myself I feel it's appropriate to pass it on to someone new. I feel like there is a lot of potential here. Scott's Cheap Flights makes $3m in revenue a year, for instance.

I've found it easy to get sponsors from brands such as Safety Wing, who offer insurance for nomads. I have 921 subscribers and a 45.8% open rate. It was built with and so you do not require coding skills to run it. Apart from the annual cost for carrd (something like 50 bucks) there are no other upkeep costs.

If you want to make a serious offer, let me know.

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